Marine HABs

Video recording of webinar presentation by Quay Dortch (National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science)

Cyano HABs (Freshwater)

Video recording of webinar presentation by Timothy Davis (Bowling Green State University)

Safe Shellfish Video

This film, produced by SEATOR walks you through how toxins that cause Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning get into your food, how to properly take care of shellfish you’d like to get tested, and how to deliver those shellfish to the Sitka Tribe of Alaska’s Environmental Research Lab. (If you are not located in Southeast Alaska, contact Thomas Farrugia to find out where you can get your shellfish tested)

ACHABS Training Video

This video was produced by the WHOI-HABs program and funded by the ECOHAB project “Trophic transfer and effects of HAB toxins in Alaska marine food webs” (PIs: Kathi Lefebvre and Don Anderson). It introduces the ACHABS project and demonstrates how to collect/preserve seawater samples for algal cell enumeration.

HAB Identification Workshop

This webinar workshop was recorded on June 11, 2021, and features a panel of phytoplankton experts discussing how to recognize and identify the main harmful algal bloom species found in Alaska’s marine waters. There are lots of pictures and videos to help viewers get more comfortable looking for these species through a microscope.

EPA HCBs Training Presentation

The Harmful Cyanobacteria Blooms (HCBs) training from the EPA reviews key information found in the ITRC Guidance Document, Strategies for Preventing and Managing Harmful Cyanobacterial Blooms.

Current HAB Alert: High densities of Alexandrium cells were observed by the HAB cruise in the Bering Strait region at the beginning of September. A strong storm in Western Alaska washed up clams along the coast and harvesters are encouraged to stay alert and contact their local health care providers if they experience any of the signs of PSP after consuming shellfish.Learn more »
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